Roseland School

Rules and Regulations

principal message
  1. Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon for all school appointments, Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities.
  2. Letcomers are not allowed to sit in the class, habitual letcomers are liable to fine.
  3. Leave of absence from school should be obtained in advance.
  4. School property fully damged or destroyed by a student will be rightly compensated, Normally 100% cost will be charged to the concerned student for damages.
  5. Parents / guardians are requested to co-operate with the school in enforcing regularity and discipline.
  6. Parents are requested not to disturb the teachers and children during school hours.
  7. Complaints must be addressed directly to the Principal and not to the class teachers.
  8. Parents and students are not allowed to give teachers individual or collective presents without the permission of the Principal.
  9. School will remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
  10. School Uniform must be ironed, shoes well polished, fingernails pared and hair well combed.
  1. Parents are expected to check the diary daily and sign it.
  2. Parents should see that their children do their homework regularly
  3. Compulsory chapattis and vegetable for Tiffin.

School Uniform Wednesday - PT Dress and White Shoes and White Socks.

Aims and Objectives

The school strongly believes in Ancient Indian Culture and acts for the development of this culture in the students.

The aims and objectives of the school are -

  1. To promote all round development in a homely and happy environment.
  2. To enable them to understand themselves better and to instill confidence and make themselves useful in nation building.
  3. To help them master a cheering attitude and skills, which will benefit their society and nation.
  4. To develop in children good health habits and to build up basic skill necessary for personal adjustments.
  5. To encourage them to strive towards excellence in every field, giving due consideration to the welfare and needs of their fellow beings.
  6. To produce enlightened citizens who will be an asset to the society and the country. They should excel in whatever they undertake - be it academics, sports, cultural activities or social service with full confidence.

Roseland Junior College